Fractured Locus

Fractured Locus (2021, cement, soil, variable dimensions) proposes a recontextualization of Maria Lugones’s homonym concept in the frame of the so called illegal global migration. Formulated as an epistemological instrument to describe the oppressing-resisting dynamics that actuate the colonial difference, the fractured locus traces the venture of naturalization and the complex interaction of capital, race and gender. Fractured Locus depicts the border of Romania with Serbia and Hungary, part of the Western Balkan route, through which migrants from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and other conflict zones, transit in their way to Western Europe. In an attempt to disrupt both the inherited eurocentric colonial imagination and the current struggle for territorial dominance, Fractured Locus questions the prescribed illegal status of the migrants and the dominant understanding of the border as one of the main tool for maintaining territorial identitarian essentialism. This work was part of the Future Perfect #4 group show, B5 Studio, Târgu Mureș.