I am many and there are more marching

part of the group show Mind the Gap at mottobooks, Berlin, 2022 and The Bittersweet Chaos of Becoming, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest, 2022

I am many and there are more marching (hand-sewn textile and aluminum) addresses the connection between language and identity and how throughout history these two concepts have been shaped and twined to designate universalist abstract constructions. While the patriarchal structure of language continues to be deeply hidden within the knits that form the fiction of our social reality, identity seems to be constantly commodified and transformed into an asset to serve humanize the always-adapting capitalist system. The current extractive economies are permanently instrumentalizing both language and identity to reproduce histories of violence and oppression. This work is not only a personal statement, but it also an argument for a shift in the way both language and identity are perceived, acknowledging their fundamental political role.