UNCERTAIN XENOLITHS – future remnants of a haunted geology

tranzit.ro/Bucharest, December 2019

(…) but the earth is the soil, la madre tierra, sentient darkened matter that aggregates and clusters geological spectral creatures drifting their traces around the unremovable craters of the modern extractive industries. In the midst of anthropogenic extinction, the erratic compost of sediments and minerals that ferment the ground depths with sorrow and excess become political symbols and cosmological agents. They are the tell-tale remnants that haunt the economically carved landscape, spreading around the shades of past and future meaning they hide, carry and muster within. In the fractures between human deeds and lithospheric plates, necropolitics cease to afflict only the human beings as the sole life-forms subjected to the dispositifs of death, and widens its slender heavy tentacles to capture geological creatures: stones, pebbles, rocks that running across in chemical cycles compose the strata of a mud ecology. They are spirits germinating in conditions of uncertainty and indeterminacy rather than faith and belief, naming a metaphysics that lost the possibility to distinguish between bios and geos. They are manifest and disembodied, carrying the curse of spectral times and furnishing the promise of an estranged topology. In the shadow of extinction, their muddied shimmer still beckons and purl the incipit of worlds.