DIMENSIONS OF GROWTH seeks to explore the erratic mutable figurations of nature and its material organic irregularities which are implicit to a process of ongoing germinal evolution. The sculptures consider the distorted morphologies of growth, bodies which unrecognized as social agents are in a constant search for new metaphors to bring them into appearance. While capitalist production threatens to reduce nature to a series of seductive simplifications, reinforcing a discourse of violent epistemic classification, these sculptures manifest as unnamed quasi-objects, assertive against biological determinism and economic fitness. They are altered embodiments of the metabolic rift between natural systems and social systems, reproduced in ever-new forms of alienation under capitalism, carrying within the indeterminacy of descendance and the mutation of shape. DIMENSIONS OF GROWTH questions the idea of linear narratives with regard to evolution by bringing into view the contamination of surfaces and textures, aiming not at blending, but at blurring the material boundaries. Each piece is an amended replication of form, diverting its co-existent other, replacing the imperative to situate and fix with that of variance and multiplicity. The exhibition functions as an ecological frame fostering mutual appropriations, impurities and sedimental uncertainties, widening the epistemological space in order to acknowledge new agencies. Including a sound installation composed together with Chlorys, DIMENSIONS OF GROWTH was also activated by a performance curated by Anca Bucur and enacted by Paul Dunca, Maria Mora, and Cristian Nanculescu.