before the sky crushed. a study on the proto-human

National Dance Center, Bucharest, April 2019

a lecture performance accompanied by minimal interventions on the geometry of embodiments. It fabricates on the pre-cosmological indigenous genealogy of the human being before transitioning to its terrestrial embodiment. Is there any human before the world to come? When did the panther tamed human to resurge its biology?


When life becomes a biotechnological assemblage, accommodating nature
is bliss. Bodies are turbulent and lucid, engaging with matter in vibrant
monstrous morphologies. Hyper-intensities invade our evolving
resurgent biologies. When extinction already happened
and future renders itself undone, reside on your
incremental geometry to uncover your
possible history.

[…] according to the Amerindian mythophilosophy, everything was human, whether this primordial creature was brought into presence by a feeble deity or a slender providence, it was perceived as the only substance or vibrant matter out of which the world could have come to yeast and be formed. A vital materiality that transits across species, displacing the forces of becoming terrestrial, and makes the Euro-centred cosmology collapse. However though, regardless of how primordial human these life-forms appeared to be, their humanness differs in terms of onto-epigenetics. Crashed by the falling sky, despite wearing out the same ontological entitlement and skin, these creatures were graced with a morphing unusual corporal plasticity and a certain degree of mental alienation and deviation, translated into an appetite for immorality and sensuality, from carnivalesque sensual relations to orgiastic cannibal feeding. An ideology of excess that nurses the experience of evolution and the economies of subjectification. Gerarld Weiss account of the proto-history of Campa mythology brings light to the morphing progression of the pre-cosmological humankind: ‘Campa mythology is largely the story of how, one by one, the primal Campa became irreversibly transformed into the first representatives of various species of animals and plants, as well as astronomical bodies or features of terrain … The development of the universe, then, has been primarily a process of diversification with mankind as the primal substance out of which many if not all of the categories of beings and things in the universe arose, the Campa of today being the descendants of those ancestral Campa who escaped being transformed.’

… [When everything was, but nothing was, I was. Rumored in swarming bees was my body, now elevated to human biological geometry. Confused and misspelled was my name, when spoken with tongues in strain. A human past and future to be placed in my hands. Disruptive and covered in shadows were both. Across years, I see creatures unfurling in plain sorrow conjunctions. But what does it matter now? And what it’s matter, when my flesh like yours wears away with time. Nothing is here forever; everything is here to stay.]